Back Again!


Saturday, April 14th - BCAI Fundraiser

Come enjoy another culturally infused celebration, while supporting BCAI School of Arts

Live music

Cultural food

Live stage entertainment        



$10 entry (Ages 6 and up)

$6 Small meal ticket (up to 5 samples)

$10 Large meal Ticket (up to 10 samples)

$25 VIP (includes entry, sample of every dish, front row seat reservation for stage events, and one free raffle ticket)

Children under 6 years old enter for FREE,however if they will be eating they must get either a large meal or small meal ticket.

Sponsored by State Farm, Not in our Town & Willie Brown

Bringing Awareness

"Families in our community are in jeopardy of being torn apart, due to abrupt changes in national immigration policy and enforcement. As religious, civic, and business leaders of our community, we must do all we can to keep families together. We believe the first step in this effort is enacting a Welcoming City/County Ordinances.

Immigrants in our community are living in fear.
Some are workers who endure exploitation from bosses, who use their immigration status as a threat. Others are children, who from a very young age, know the risk and fear that their parents might be torn from them at any moment. Others are dreamers, brought to the U.S. as children, living in D.A.C.A. limbo, watching their dreams fade away as the program expires. Some are women, who suffer in abusive relationships but are too afraid to call out for help. But ALL are human beings who deserve to live and love in safety and in the abundance of a community that truly welcomes them.

‚ÄčAcross many faiths and social movements, fasting has been used as symbol of sacrifice for a moral purpose; and food, as a way of bringing community together. After his 25-day-fast with the United Farm Workers in 1968, Cesar Chavez expressed, “I am convinced that the truest act of courage, is to sacrifice ourselves for others in a totally non-violent struggle for justice.”

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