"It always seems impossible until it's done" -Nelson Mandela

Scholarship Fund

Because of our vision, mission, and purpose, there are many students that we open our doors to whose families are not in a financial position to afford monthly dues. Dues are a prime source of income for BCAI. Our new scholarship program balances the financial provision, allowing everyone who needs our training to obtain it within our guidelines.


Your donation will cover the discounted amount that some of our families could not afford. This ensures that NO ONE is left behind and that BCAI can function at full capacity without making financial sacrifices.

Each family that receives assistance is held accountable for specific deadlines, attendance, and volunteer hours.


Your donation will cover specific programs of BCAI. This ensures that our training functions at the highest level of quality and integrity because we will not be limited due to funding. 

We have various dance and cultural arts programs that we would appreciate assistance with. (We also accept donations of time!)


Your donation will cover the day to day operations of BCAI, the foundation that allows us to continue revolving and evolving consistently without taking focus off our overall vision and mission.

Other ways to contribute to BCAI's vision:

Match grants through your Company

State Farm provides both a financial donation match to all employees, agents and retirees up to $1500 annually and a volunteer hours match > 40 hours a year = $500 to that organization

Country employees are allocated $100 per year to donate to any organization of their choosing. Band together and make one big gift!

Amazon Smile

When you purchase from Amazon, go to the website (also click on image below) instead and choose BCAI School of Arts to receive a percentage of your each and every purchase!


Donate your time and teach a workshop, assist with an existing class, sit on a committee (events, multimedia, fund development internal and external relations, etc)

BCAI School of Arts
107 E Chestnut, Bloomington, IL 61701

Mail to: PO Box 3352
               Bloomington, IL 61702

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