Combat Martial Arts

107 E Chestnut
Bloomington, IL 61701


Grand Master Dingler
8th Dan
Founder of Short-Fist Hapkido

Hapkido, Honsinsul, Muay Thai, Ground Work, Tai Chi, Jeet Kune Do, Fillipino Stick Work, Tae Kwon Do

For Students 13 and older

Combat Martial Arts youth

Combat Martial

Arts youth


This program is only for current BCAI students 7 and older that have been with our program for at least 2 months.   The cost is $25/mo due by the 8th of EVERY month ($5 late fee for every week late without communication). 

This is NOT included in unlimited pricing. 


Mondays & Wednesdays  6:00-8:00p Hapkido+ training

Wednesdays 5-545p CMA youth (BCAI students only)

Thursdays  10:00-11:00a Qigong/Tea

There will be no classes on Monday Holidays, unless otherwise notified.

Every 2nd Monday  6:00-8:00p Black Belt Instructors' training
Every 3rd month  curriculum will cover Muay Thai, Escrima & Wing Chun

Basic Pricing

Hapkido- $85.00/ Month
Chi Gung- $25.00/Month
Weapons- $0.00/Month


All Styles College Student Rate $250.00/Semester

All Styles Regular Rate $120.00/Month

2 Styles Rate $90.00/Month


1st-2nd Dan- $50.00/Month Equipment Purchases at Cost.

3rd- 9th Dan- $0.00/Month Tumaa Camps Paid For.

Testing Fees:

$40.00 Each (Gup Levels) $0.00 Dan Levels


Adult-$40.00 6 Oz $55.00 10 Oz

Child- $35.00

Shoes- $40.00 (Optional)

Gloves- $20.00

Ratan Sticks- $20.00

Other Equipment Will Vary

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